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Snakes — an eGuide (Snakes of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka)
Snakes of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka - an eGuide, is an authoritative guide to the snakes of this region. This CD-ROM provides a better understanding of these much maligned creatures with insights into their habitat, colour variations, markings and distribution.

Neelimkumar Khaire aka "Anna", has worked extensively with reptiles over the last 33 years and is the founder and Director of the Pune Snake Park.

In this CD-ROM, he shares his experience and knowledge of the reptilian world - particularly that of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. The CD seeks to dispel common myths associated with snakes, and arms you with the hard facts about each species.
Snakes - Main Menu Snakes - Description

  • 200 + rare and stunning photographs!

  • Over 50 species from Maharashtra, Goa
        and Karnataka!

  • Animated audio guided tour with "Anna"!

  • Find snakes by Habitat, Colour and State
  • Detailed information on each species!
  • Practical First Aid for snakebites
  • Facts vs Fiction: Get the facts right!
  • Activities include Jigsaw puzzles and night
        hunt for snakes
    This CD-ROM works on Windows and Macintosh and is in 3 languages - English, Marathi & Hindi... all on the same CD!
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